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Replica: The Spider #4 Jan., 1934 , City of Flaming Shadows

by Grant Stockbridge

A page-for-page replica of The Spider, January, 1934, including "City of Flaming Shadows" by Grant Stockbridge and "The Devil's Belfry," by G.T. Fleming-Roberts

A rivetting and fast-paced adventure lies ahead in Stockbridge's fourth Spider thriller. Web-spinning suspense lies around every turn. And the Master of Men may be facing his most challenging assignment ever!

Reflecting the real fears of the Depression Era America, bank robberies and panic runs on banks by customers which led to mass bank closures were very much a part of 1934.

. . . .seconds were precious if he were to catch the Tarantula and recover the city's stolen wealth.

No question now of saving Nita. She was dead. But the Tarantula had got away with all the city's gold and cash. The news of that loss would rock the nation, increase the rioting that already threatened revolution. And only the Spider working alone, could prevent final, grim calamity. He alone had any grasp of the situation; he alone knew the Tarantula. He threw back his head and sprinted on.

An entire city in darkness, . . . . stripped of its wealth and gold, as the flaming massacre of thousands shroud entire neighborhoods. Richard Wentworth must single-handedly save the life of the woman he loves, while, as the Spider, he must battle the flaming shadows of death, and squash the Tarantula's spree of terror.

Price: $34.95

Format: Pulp Replica
128 Pages
First Published: 1934

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