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Attic > Replica: Horror Stories Feb, 1935

by Horror Stories

Page for page pulp replica from Girasol Collectables.

When Ghouls Come Seeking! Soul-chilling Mystery-Horror Novelette by Ray Cummings

"By Night They Creep" by Hugh B. Cave
Did the answer to that fearful plague which burned into its victims like a living fire and left them bloated in agony, lie in the death-choked, rotting darkness of Blackwater Swamp...?

Three Horror Novelettes:

"Mistress of Horror" by Arthur Leo Zagat
Beth Steckton had come to minister the sick -- and her sense of duty sent her on, into that cavern of slime and screams where fiends plied a writhing, blood-tipped whip...

"When Ghouls Come Seeking!" by Ray Cummings
The thing which they sought -- that wrinkled hag and the leering youth -- was life! And they found in the youthful bodies of Barbara and Alan Trent...

"Madman's Circus" by Paul Ernst
What devil's work had brought these madmen into the pit, to gibber and snarl like the beasts they had come to resemble?

Three Spnie-Tingling Shorts:

"Bride of the Sun God" by H.M. Appel
Just one more girl was needed, naked and beautiful, for the mad hag's obscene sacrifice...

"Satan's Sweetheart" by Monroe Karasik
Was the phantom cat creature which wooed her nightly but a figment bred of a beleaguered brain...?

"Terror in the Dark" by Arthur J. Burks
A million death fanged reptiles swarmed upon Mat King when he trailed his prisoner through hell's own gates

Format: Pulp Replica
128 Pages
First Published: 1935

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