Replica: Weird Tales #18, March 1925

by Girasol

A page for page replica of the original March 1925 issue of the Unique Magazine.

Packed with some of the best names to appear in Weird Tales!

Stories include...

"The Last o the Teeheemen" (First Part) by Arthur Thatcher
Two-part Serial: Dog-faced savages and strange beasts

"The Better Choice" by C. M. Eddy, Jr.
Inventor kills himself to test machine for reviving the dead.

"The Composite Brain" by Robert S. Carr
Insane scientist creates a monster out of living tissue.

"The Iron Lady in the Crypt" by Zeke Lake
Modern revenge by medieval means.

"Death Bottle" by Volney G. Mathison
Tale of death -- and the sea -- and Black Sigurd.

"Adventures of an Astral" by Gordon Phillip England
Weird story in lighter vein.

"Pair of Mummies" by Carlos G. Stratton
Egyption-Babylonian tale.

"Flaming Eyes" by Fletcher R. Milton
Complete novelette -- Hypnotic incense -- perils -- a stolen idol.

"The House of Fear" by Albert Seymour Graham
Stark terror stalks through this tale of a madhouse.

"Servants of Satan: No. 1 The Salem Horror" by Seabury Quinn
True tale of witchcraft.

"Bright Eyes of Adventure" by Willis Knapp Jones
Hatred -- quick poison -- and New World romance.

"The Burning Wrath of Allah" by Edith Lyle Ragsdale
Desert tale -- fiendish revenge of an Arab Shiek.

"The Thin Match" by Henry S. Whitehead
To set something on fire was her highest wish.

"Desert of the Dead" by Arthur J. Burks
Strange tales from Santo Domingo: No. 2.

"The Last Cigarette" by Greye La Spina
Fate played a strange prank upon this man who slew himself.

"The Weird Green Eyes of Sar"i by Margaret McBride Hoss
He lost his soul to a green-eyed thing from the sea.

"A Gaddaan Alaad" by George Ballard Bowers
Filipino crime and retribution.

"The Dreamer" by Robert Lee Heiser
Fascinating weird romance by the author of "Adventure of Souls"

"Radio V-Rays" by Jan Dirk
Disaster befell two youths who listened in on interplanetary radio.

"Wings of Power" (Conclusion) by Lady Anne Bonny
Three-part pseudo-scientific novel.

"Black Curtains" by G. Frederick Montenor
Miser's gold-- and blood.

"The Band of Gold" by Jack Woodford
A fearsome tale of plastic surgery.

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Format: Pulp Replica
First Published: 1925

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