Replica: Weird Tales #21, June 1925

by Girasol

A page for page replica of the original June 1925 issue of the Unique Magazine.

Stories include:

"Monsters of the Pit" by Paul S. Powers.
A thrilling tale of gigantic spiders.

"The Devil-God" by Frank Belknap Long, Jr.
The king read poetry, so the state took measures to protect itself.

"Black Hill" by Frank Owen.
The Golden Buddha brought misery and terror to Cass Ledyard.

"The Third Thumbprint" by Mortimer Levitan.
A scientist makes a horrifying discovery about himself.

"Marble" by Laurence D'Orsay.
Evil was the brilliant and inventive mind of this physician.

"The Clock" by Arthur Styron.
A five minute story of a terrible obsession.

"The Soul That Waited" by Louis B. Capron.
A passion for a mummy -- a love that bridged the centuries.

"An Arc of Direction" by Junius B. Smith.
His horoscope said he would be hanged on a certain day.

"Hurled into the Infinite" (First Part) by J. Schlossel.
Two part astronomical story.

"The Witch of Kravetz" by Michael V. Simko.
A barbarous Russian custom- and a famous beauty.

"Lips of the Dead" by W.J. Stamper.
A gruesome tale from the history of Haiti.

"The House, The Light, and The Man" by Gordon Philips England.
A specter rose from the coffin -- and the man's mind gave way.

"Invaders From the Dark" (Conclusion) by Greye La Spina.
Serial novel of werewolves and the occult powers of evil.

"Loo Tun Sin" by Everett Boston.
The dawn clouded the moon with trouble, so Loo married the dawn.

"Strange Tales from Santo Domingo: No. 5 The Phantom Chibo" by Arthur J. Burks.
The bandit José Espinosa lures his victims into a quagmire.

"Dead Hands" by Walter G. Detrick.
They stretched from the grave, the hands of his grandmother.

"Servants of Satan: No. 4 George Burroughs, Martyr" by Seabury Quinn.
The true tale of New England witchcraft.

"The Hanging of Aspara" by Leavenworth Mcnab.
Sensational newspaper hoaxes give tang to an execution.

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Format: Pulp Replica
First Published: 1925

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