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Attic > Replica: The Scorpion

by Girasol

A page-for-page replica of "The Scorpion" magazine, including "Satan's Incubator," by Randolph Craig.

A holocaust of satanic murder-madness ... an entire City overcome by maniacal purple-eyed killers. Mothers slaughtering their own children, husbands and wives living in sheer terror of one another.....and only the honest little old Dr. Skull has the wherewithal to foil this relentless madness.

Craig's tale unfolds in fiery fury and massacre as the relentless crime-master, The Scorpion, dredges the city--leaving the waste of death and corruption in his wake.

"The end, as I see it, is inevitable. We have two major branches of the municipal government even now partially under our control. Through one, we work from below, penetrating everywhere. We learn everyone's secrets through what he throws away. We enter into his home, his life. In the other, we gain edict power over the very health of the City.

"Our machines, rotating in alternate current six hundred times a second, are ready to terrorize the population with fresh legions of those whom they dub the murder-maniacs. Besides all this, we have worked so discreetly through the cover of the city administration itself, that this progress has been almost completely secret. Gentlemen, within two days' time, the City of New York, with its millions in wealth, industry and resources, will be on its knees--and then we shall see an abject population begging for the City of the Scorpion to rise, all-powerful, from its ruins!"

Format: Pulp Replica
112 Pages
First Published: 1939

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