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Replica: The Spider: Dec. 1936: Reign of the Snake Men

by Grant Stockbridge

Another great page for page pulp replica from Girasol Collectables.

The Spider Magazine, December, 1936

Lawrence Fremont, the wealthy department store owner who had been missing for over a week, was running blindly, stumbling, palpitating with fright. In the gloomy dusk of the bleak autumn afternoon, his face appeared weird, distorted; and his mouth hung open, drawing in great gulps of air. Wild, terror stricken eyes burned from sockets that were sunk deep in the folds of his scabrous, unwholesome flesh. It was evident that he was wounded in some way, for there was blood on the pavement where he had run, and blood was dripping down from under his coat. The blood splashed in great gobules to the sidewalk. There was a knife sticking out from his ribs.

Over the heads of the crowd that had gathered in repulsed fascination, Wentworth looked in the direction from which Fremont had run. His blood froze. For there, marching down the street in leprous ranks, came what used to be men. Black hoods covered their faces, and their skin hung in taters from arms held out to scratch the crowd...

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Format: Pulp Replica
First Published: 1936

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