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Replica: The Spider: October 1936: The Devil's Death Dwarfs

by Grant Stockbridge

Another great page for page pulp replica from Girasol Collectables.

The Spider Magazine, October, 1936

The horror of the Teror's second coming, its descent upon the Middle West, crowded even the news of Tang-akhmut's escape from Sing Sing off the front pages of newspapers. In a single night, death in horrid form had been visited upon a dozen widely scattered homes in Cincinnati, Ohio.

What made the crimes more awful -- aside from the maniacal cruelty with which men and women had been tortured to death -- was the utter lack of any intelligible reason for the attacks. And the hysterical refusal of the surviving victims -- the loved ones who had been forced to witness the tortures -- to tell the police what had happened or who was responsible !

Plus! "Death at the Matinee" featuring Ed Race by Emile C. Tepperman and "The Construction Murders" by Arthur Leo Zagat.

Format: Pulp Replica
First Published: 1936

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