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Attic > Spicy Adventure Stories August 1936

by Spicy Adventure

A page-for-page replica from Girasol Collectables of the August 1936 issue of Spicy Adventure Stories

Stories include: The White Goddess by Lew Merrill, Luck of the Pipers by Robert Leslie Bellem, Treasure from Kurdistan by E. Hoffman Price and other stories.

Featuring "The White Goddess" by Lew Merrill. "White Master Mary" they called her. And she was a goddess who lived alone with many brothers. In all the world, there was no man for her -- only the business of being a Polynesian Queen.

"Hard Enough" by Arthur Humboldt. His uncle said he was too soft to earn his own living! Here in the North Country, he dares everything for a fortune and a girl!

"Treasure from Kuridstan" by E. Hoffman Price. Sirkuh pointed at the honey jar. "I give you the daughter of an emir," he said, "in exchange for Zobeide!"

"Luck of the Pipers" by Robert Leslie Bellem. Solution to murder is in Johnnie's camera, and there's only a girl to help him save it from Maroffski and his henchmen.

Format: Pulp Replica
128 Pages
First Published: 1936

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