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Replica: The Spider: August '35: Master of the Death-Madness

by Grant Stockbridge

Another great page for page pulp replica from Girasol Collectables.

The Spider Magazine, August, 1935

A shrill scream pierced the quiet night as the might Plutonic breasted the glassy waves. As if at a signal, countless passengers, young and old, men and women, were seized by an epidemic of frantic self-destruction. By water, fire, steel and lead they tried to hurl themselves into oblivion -- into the greedy arms of Anubis, grim Egyptian diety of death.

Richard Wentworth, who defended humanity in the guise of the dread Spider, recognized the suicide mania immediately an an extremely cunning attack by the master-brains of the international underworld. Yet when his fellow men needed his protection more than ever before, the Spider lay gravely wounded, ruthlessly harried by Criminal and Law, while his beloved Nita, fortified with her courageous love, when forth to prove she was indeed the Spider's mate.

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Format: Pulp Replica
First Published: 1935

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