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The Men in Black

by Carroll John Daly

Race Williams, a fast-shooting, fast-talking private investigator, is faced with the death-threat of a faster shooting crook named Orlin Tasker. Faster-shooting, or so they say... Race wants to get Tasker first, but his employers, the People Vs. Crime, want to use him as bait to Tasker's demands for a face-to-face meeting!

The scheme was new and the setup was simple. Big, influential men in the city had raised a fund of several hundred thousand dollars and it was mounting daily. They called themselves, P.V.C.- the People Versus Crime. When they wanted to find some particular tough criminal who was interfering with their business or with Society in general, they just gave me the word to find him. And they gave me with those orders any amount of money I asked for.

I could find a little criminal for a few hundred bucks- bigger ones for a few thousands- and the best in the business from ten grand right on up to a hundred grand.

Easy? Hell, any criminal would give up his own brother for that amount of money. Why, I just slipped the good news that I had jack for information- then sat down and waited for the information to roll in.

Why hadn't anyone ever thought of it before? Well maybe it wasn't altogether new. The government sticks up the picture of a five-time murderer in the post offices, lets you look at a face that would scare your whole family stiff, and under it the offer of two hundred and fifty dollars reward. Why, as a matter of fact you'd spend twice that money avoiding a meeting with the deadly killer. But if they offered fifty thousand reward they'd have to install a new telephone switchboard and hire ten or twelve more girls to take the calls that would come in.

This bunch of millionaires started their racket to wipe out rackets. And there was one big racket they especially wanted to bust. That of the Bent boys who had just come back in the city- and who were foolish enough to start gunning for me. It is not enough to say that they didn't shoot right, and it may sound immodest to say that I never shoot wrong. Let's put it that they both were dead- and I was alive and you can form your own opinion.

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Format: Electronic PDF File
27 Pages
First Published: 1938

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