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The Emperor of Evil

by Carroll John Daly

Detective Vee Brown, although a diminuative body, drew and shot a gun faster than most any man alive. In this story, Brown, with the aid of his friend Dean Condon and the "girl of the night", attempt to bring a blackmailer to justice.

To all appearances a respectable member of society, Vincent van Houton nevertheless hid a mind of almost unrivalled evil and mental sadism behind a mask of suavity. Brown, after many attempts to bring this blackmailer in front of the law, finds his own way to rid the city of this menace.

THE woman was dead. Someone had stuck a knife in her chest and turned it round. It was brutal and a silent murder.

Mortimer Doran, the district attorney, spoke to Inspector Ramsey.

"The murderer stifled her screams before he stabbed her. That's why the servants and her husband heard nothing." Ramsey nodded in agreement.

"The door from the ice-box room to the kitchen was closed, anyway," he said. "The murderer must have stuck his hand in and taken her suddenly by the throat. Her husband said she had retired, but now she's fully dressed. She must have known the man; expected him."

Detective Vee Brown, kneeling by the body, spoke for the first time.

"She expected someone, but maybe not the murderer. She might have opened the back door. Before she realized it was not the man she looked for, he had her by the throat. Here's a find!"

Vee Brown came to his feet and handed Mortimer Doran an oblong bit of white pasteboard about the size of a visiting card. I followed Inspector Ramsey's gaze over Doran's shoulder. The heavy print on the card stood out.


"God!" gulped Mortimer Doran. "Aren't there enough complications to murder without that? The papers will ride hell out of us."

"It'll take time, of course." Vee Brown shrugged his shoulders. "But I think, given the chance, I can find this murderer."

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116 Pages
First Published: 1936

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