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The Third Murderer

by Carroll John Daly

The Devil is unchained!

This simple messages sends Race into his most complex and exciting case of his career. The Gorgon crime family is ruling the streets and courts of New York and Race's unknown client is orchestrating the showdown which will hopefully bring the Gorgons down. As the message unleashes a whirlwind of activity, the hidden, dark secrets of two families are uncovered.

Follow Race through a complex, twisting and turning plot which will keep you and Race guessing at every turn. One of the best Daly stories we have found, we think it is one of the best action detective stories from the 1930's.

Here is an excerpt:

"Just hand this to Joe Gorgon--nothing more?"

"No. Repeat the message to him tonight. Say it as if you were giving him some information. Say it loud enough for his friends to hear. Oh--they won't understand it. Then report to me his reactions to the message."

"Don't you think I'll be blasted right then and there?" I couldn't help but be sarcastic.

"No, not then and there. Not you--after what I saw tonight." And his face paled slightly, in memory of the dead gunman, I thought.

"And that's all you want me to do? When is the message to be deliverer?"

"At once--at the Golden Dog. Mr. Myer is keeping the table for your return."

I looked down at the message again. It seemed simple enough. Cryptic, perhaps. I was thinking of my knocking Eddie Gorgon about, just for amusement. Now--well--this little bit of by-play would only accentuate the animosity of the Gorgons. Besides which, I'd be paid for a hatred that I had already acquired under the heading of pleasure.

"And that ends my job?" I asked.

"I hope not. If things are as I believe, I will be able to employ you in the biggest case of your career. The anger of the Gorgons won't matter to you then. It will already be established after you deliver--. But here. It is not fair--it is not right. You are a man whose business brings him into queer places; the blackness of dismal, deserted city streets in the late hours. Come! Give me back the message. I forget that you saved my life tonight."

I closed my fist about that bit of paper as I came to my feet.

"Friend," I told him, "I'll hurl this message into the teeth of the devil himself for one thousand dollars."

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Format: Electronic PDF File
86 Pages
First Published: 1931

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