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The Tag Murders

by Carroll John Daly

A Race Williams Story

Race Williams is at his best in this story about a ruthless criminal and his gang, whose signature is a metal tag, left on the body of their victim.

Race Williams fans will not be disappointed in this thriller...It features Daly's best characters, Gregory Ford, another detective which seems to bring out Race's competitive nature, and the Flame, the girl with the criminal mind. This is the first Flame story, and reveals a little more information about her background and interest in Race.

The Evening Blade

THAT the police are helpless to cope with this latest "crime wave" may be a nerve-racked, panicky statement. But that they have not met the situation is undoubtedly a fact which the uncompleted crime records of the past few months will show.

Organized crime may be scoffed at in the district attorney's office. It may be laughed down by the police department. But it cannot be denied that murder, robbery, blackmail, and even arson have been perpetrated under such similar conditions and circumstances as to make it apparent to the most "level-headed citizen" that some directing hand or hands are behind the recent and prolonged series of outrages that have struck terror to our city.

It may be "scatter brained" or even "childish"-as our contemporaries have hinted- to connect up small, round, metal tags with any deeply-rooted and well-organized industry of crime. That a "master mind," with the single purpose of purloining from prosperous citizens the fruits of their labor, would leave behind him such "silly" indications of scorn and defiance of the police has been ridiculed. "Childish" that? Perhaps, if these metal indications of "jobs" all perpetrated by the same gang did not serve some other purpose. But each tag carries a message of fear- not only to the law-abiding and long-suffering citizen, but to the denizens of the underworld as well.

Five underworld characters-namely: two gang leaders, two ex-convicts, and one nationally known counterfeiter-have been done to death on the streets of the lower city. And upon the person of each, or in close proximity to the body, was found one of these strange metal tags. "Childish" this? "Scatter brained" this? Scorn and defiance to the police? Or was it something else? Was it as a warning to others that these men died?

It has taken this latest outrage-the robbery at twelve o'clock noon of Burton's Jewelry Store on Fifth Avenue, and the brutal killing of a clerk-to stir our city to real action. Gregory Ford and his nationally known detective agency have been retained by the Consolidated Association of Merchants of New York City.

Interviewed, Gregory Ford gave out a bit of information that will be as interesting to the public as it was surprising and startling to this newspaper. Race Williams-guntoting and gun-using, self-styled "private investigator," who has on numerous occasions figured in sensational newspaper stories-is to be hired by the Ford Agency.

The New York Evening Blade has more than once condemned the district attorney for not watching more closely, and stopping with drastic measures the activities of this so called detective-Race Williams. But here is a matter that calls, perhaps, to a fight of fire with fire-and by that we begrudgingly admit that we mean "gun-fire."

The Evening Blade cannot agree with the ethics of Mr. Race Williams. We cannot commend to the public his past activities in the many cases he has handled. But we can, and do, admit that no matter what our opinion may be, Race Williams has gotten results. In plain words-for once, this paper is in absolute accord with the methods of this notorious gunman, Race Williams. We want an end to these outrages. We want the men who are responsible for them. And we want them-in the parlance of the Old West-"Dead or alive."

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Format: Electronic PDF File
105 Pages
First Published: 1930

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