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The Hidden Hand

by Carroll John Daly

A Race Williams Story

To simply say that business was dull would be the height of optimism. To say that my bank account was low would be to agree with my bank balance. To say that all the crooks in the city had ceased work would not be the truth. But to say that those unfortunate people who now fell victims of earlier indiscretions did not come to me for help would be wholly the truth. Business was dull.

"Private Detective" best describes me to the ignorant and those who have not had use for such animals. The words themselves are not so bad but I don't like the music that most detective agencies set those words to. There are honest private detectives, of course--but there are honest politicians, too. Get the point? Something like hen's teeth--very scarce, indeed. But I just don't like the label. RACE WILLIAM'S--PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR is smeared in big, gold, unashamed letters all over my office door. The ""Private Detective"" appears on my license only. Nice distinctions are not drawn by civil bodies.

People, especially the police, don't understand me. And what we don't understand we don't appreciate. The police look upon me as being so close to the criminal that you can't tell the difference. Oh I've got my pride like the rest of us. I'd like to be famous, but I guess, after all, I'm only notorious. Every cop in the great city has my reputation hammered into him as a gun and a killer.

No use to go into detail on that point. I carry a gun, two of them, for that matter. As to being a killer, well, I'm not a target, if you get what I mean. I've killed in my time, and I daresay I'll kill again. There let the critics of my methods paste that in their hats.

Now, with business dull and a strong dislike for private detective agencies, I was thinking seriously of accepting a position from one of these very agencies. It was an open and shut affair that had been offered me the night before by Gregory Ford, a well-known operator. He just spilt his story and named his figure as he stood in the doorway.

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Format: Electronic PDF File
102 Pages
First Published: 1929

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