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Attic > Cap Fury Reprint #1: The Red Heart Perils and Black Daylight

by Wallace Brooker

Sanctum Books brings us a new authorized series of pulp reprints featuring Cap Fury. Each issue will contain two unabridged pulp adventures, re-typeset for easy reading including the original cover art and interior illustrations. Also included are introductory essays by Anthony Tollin and Will Murray.

Captain John Fury and the crew of his amazing supership The Whirlwind battle modern-day piracy in two action packed novels from the Golden Age of Pulp Fiction!

Cap Fury follows a trail of vengeance to uncover his brother's murderers and The Red Heart Pearls.

Black Daylight strikes at High Noon, enveloping thousands in terror and agony!

Plus, a thrilling adventure of SHERIDAN DOOME, naval investigator.

"There were many pulp mags that I read... There was one called, I think, Captain Fury, about a guy with a beat up old rusty scow of a ship -- but, when evil threatened, he pushed a button and his old scow turned into the sleekest, fastest ship on the sea! I loved 'em all." -- Stan Lee

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Format: Magazine
128 Pages
First Published: 1935

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