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Attic > Forced Luck

by J. Allan Dunn

From the pages of Feb 10, 1922 issue of Adventure comes this chapbook reprint.

Barthelemy Portuguese's luck was legendary. Throughout the Spanish Main -- all through the Caribbean Seas he was known as the notorious freebooter "Lucky Bart." Uncounted times luck had come through when Bart needed it, winning him fame, fortune and a crew that too believed in his marriage to Lady Luck.

But Bart had forced his luck once too often. Now it turned afoul. Captured by the hated Spanish, his ship seized, his loyal crew in irons, Bart imprisoned, awaits his fate at the gallows. Could he once more lure Lady Luck to dance with hime? Could he force his luck one more time?

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Format: Chapbook
68 Pages
First Published: 1922

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