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Attic > Tales of the Jungle

by L. Patrick Greene

Three stories from Adventure writer L. Patrick Greene. "Cobwebs" and also "Yellow" are reprinted from Man Stories in 1931. And "Jungle Fate" from Popular Fiction.

With a hoarse cry of rage Harmer swayed to the left and threw himself face forward to the ground. His hands, outstretched above his head, were only a few inches from the stump of the tree.

Before Gates, inwardly exultant joy his victory, realized the fallen man's ruse, Harmer had wriggled forward a little. His hand closed over the revolver... Too late, Gates leaped at him.

Harmer turned over on his back; the revolved covered Gates. "Stay where you are," Harmer shouted hoarsely. At the same moment his finger contracted on the trigger...

-- from Jungle Fate

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Format: Chapbook
68 Pages
First Published: 1931

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