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Attic > The Crimson Blight

by Arthur J. Burks

Something odd has been taking place in the vast hundred thousand-acre cane fields of the Arahona Sugar Company. Or so thought Lieutenant Fratzke, assigned to the district by the U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence Office.

What part -- if any -- does the world-renown scientist, Doctor Felix Shablitz play in the strange happenings?

What is the red dust that is sweeping the island bringing death and destruction in its wake?

And from where have these strange prehistoric creatures come? Dinosaurs? How is it possible? What -- or who -- is responsible for unleashing their savage fury?

Find out the answers to these and other thrilling questions as you read: The Crimson Blight!

This story originally appeared serialized in Thrilling Adventures, January, February and March 1933.

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Format: Chapbook
68 Pages
First Published: 1933

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