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Attic > Hell On The Bottom

by Carl Jacobi


Then he saw the monster! Treading water, advancing toward them the many tentacles were writhing through the water; the flaccid body was poised ready to attack.

Stretton could hear his heart pounding against his chest, his breath rasping down his lungs. Far off like a pulse ion his brain sounded the rhthmic beat of the compressor pump.

Out of the impenetrable blackness, a tentacle advanced slowly, exploringly over Stretton's suit. Horrified, he could feel its sucking embrace as it moved downward. But at that instant Jane's nerves shattered. With a terrific lunge she threw herself backward.

Through her face plate Stretton saw Jane's lips part in a soundless scream of horror!

Collected here are three rare tales of daring adventure on the high seas by Carl Jacobi, a writer made famous as part of the elite Weird Tales circle of the 1930s which included H.P. Lovecraft, Edmond Hamiliton, E. Hoffman Price, and Robert E. Howard.

First up, "Captain Jinx," a tale purchased by Munsey & Co. and intended for publication in Argosy. Next comes "Hell On The Bottom," considered by the author as a "lost" work. And third comes a special treat -- a previously unpublished tale of daring sourth seas treasure hunt entitled, "The Caves of Mali-Oa."

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Format: Chapbook
78 Pages
First Published: 1939

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