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Attic > The Avenger Reprint #9: Nevlo, Death in Slow Motion, and Vengeance on the Avenger

by Kenneth Robeson

From the creators of Doc Savage. Three thrilling novels by Kenneth Robeson.... the Avenger and Justice, Inc. wage war against supercrime!

Nevlo Can the Avenger locate the mastermind called Nevloin time to preventa deadly final blackout?

Death in Slow Motion cripples an American industry, and Justice, Inc. must find an antidote in time to save hundreds from the deadly paralysis plague!

Vengeance on the Avenger The minutes of the hour ticked rapidly away --only one hour to save his friends from death and an innocent man from being framed for murder!

Plus: Bruce Elliott and Bob Powell present an exciting illustrated adventure of America's premier detective -- Nick Carter!

Price: $14.95

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Format: Magazine
128 Pages
First Published: 1941

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