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The Far Side of Nowhere

by Nelson Bond

Few names in the world of fantasy fiction evoke such instant recognition as that of Nelson Bond, master of the quirky story -- the unusual, the bizarre -- which he always wraps in delectable, deliciously lean prose, and a delightful skewing of the English language.

In twenty-nine stories grouped under five sections, you'll meet not-so-ordinary people unexpectedly caught up in strange and unbelievable circumstances that only the mind of Nelson Bond can conjure up, as they encounter wizards, weird magic, elixars, forces from Hell, snowmen in summer, uncharted dimensions of space and time, see into the future, the past, or find themselves weighing minus twelve pounds.

Yet Bond shows that he is equal to the task of being a straight-man with such calculated tales of horror as "Pipeline to Paradise" and "The World Within," a chilling journey into the human body; and thought-provoking heroic fantasy in "Magic City," a chapter in the adventures of Mag and Daiv. Of course, no Bond collection would be complete without a sampling of such favorite characters as Lancelot Biggs: Spaceman, who defies the forces of the universe, con-man Squaredeal Sam McGhee, and the irrascible Lobblies. In addition, Bond's ageless mind provides short, entertaining commentaries throughout the book.

Written more than a half-century ago for the pages of Blue Book, Amazing Stories, Thrilling Wonder Stories, Argosy, Esquire, and others, these stories are indelible proof that good writing and imaginative storytelling transcend the boundaries of time and literary fads.

So, welcome to The Far Side of Nowhere and the mad, wacky, literary world of Nelson Bond--a most unforgettable reading experience.

Published by Arkham House.

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Format: Hardback
423 Pages
First Published: 2002

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