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    Blue City by Ross Macdonald

Johnny was a son who hadn't known his father very well. It was a town shaken by a grisly murder--his father's murder. When he started knocking on doors, the doors came open, and Johnny stepped into a world of gamblers, whores, drug-dealers, and blackmailers, a place in which his father had once moved freely.

Year: 1947
Genre: Crime FictionNoir FictionRevenge

    Six Graves to Munich by Mario Puzo

Michael Rogan was an intelligence officer behind enemy lines in World War II. Captured by the Nazis, Michael was treated as an experiment. A subject upon which his captors committed atrocity upon atrocity. But not before they did the same to his wife--and unborn son. Michael Rogan has returned to Europe to find the men who tortured him. And he's going to make sure that they never have to live with the horror as he did...They will die with it.

Year: 1967
Genre: Revenge

    Mr. Majestyk by Elmore Leonard

But peace can be an elusive commodity, even in the Arizona hinterlands - and especially when the local mob is calling all the shots. And one quiet, proud man's refusal to be strong-armed by a powerful hood is about to start a violent chain reaction that will leave Mr. Majestyk ruined, in shackles, and without a friend in the world - except for one tough and beautiful woman. But his tormentors never realized something about their mark: this is not his first war.

Year: 1974
Genre: Revenge



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-- -- --1947 Blue City   by Ross Macdonald
-- -- --1967 Six Graves to Munich   by Mario Puzo
-- -- --1974 Mr. Majestyk   by Elmore Leonard
-- -- --1978 The Switch   by Elmore Leonard
-- -- --1979 The Green Ripper   by John D. MacDonald
-- -- --1987 Patriot Games   by Tom Clancy
-- -- --1988 Freaky Deaky   by Elmore Leonard
-- -- --2004 Skinny Dip   by Carl Hiaasen
-- -- --2004 The Last Juror   by John Grisham
-- -- --2015 Memory Man   by David Baldacci