Noir Fiction

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    The Postman Always Rings Twice by James M. Cain

An amoral young tramp. A beautiful, sullen woman with an inconvenient husband. A problem that has only one grisly solution--a solution that only creates other problems that no one can ever solve.

Year: 1934
Genre: Crime FictionNoir Fiction

    Black Angel by Cornell Woolrich

In this classic crime novel, a panic-stricken young wife races against time to prove that her convicted husband did not murder his mistress. Writing in first person from the wife s viewpoint, Woolrich evokes her love and anguish and, finally, desperation as she becomes an avenging angel in her attempt to rescue her husband from execution.

Year: 1943
Genre: Noir Fiction





Four Novellas of Fear by Cornell Woolrich
1934The Postman Always Rings Twice by James M. Cain
1936Double Indemnity by James M. Cain
1940The Bride Wore Black by Cornell Woolrich
1941Mildred Pierce by James M. Cain
1942Black Alibi by Cornell Woolrich
1942Phantom Lady by Cornell Woolrich
1943Black Angel by Cornell Woolrich
1944Deadline at Dawn by Cornell Woolrich
1945Night Has a Thousand Eyes by Cornell Woolrich
1947Blue City by Ross Macdonald
1947Nightfall by David Goodis
1952Collected Millar: The Master at Her Zenith by Margaret Millar
1954A Swell-Looking Babe by Jim Thompson
1955The Wounded and the Slain by David Goodis
1956Shoot the Piano Player by David Goodis
1961Nightmares and Geezenstacks by Frederic Brown
1979Wilderness by Robert B. Parker
1985Glitz by Elmore Leonard
1990Leaving Las Vegas by John O'Brien
1996Assault on Tony's by John O'Brien
1997Stripper Lessons by John O'Brien
2009The Little Sleep by Paul Tremblay
2012The Cocktail Waitress by James M. Cain
2015Hollow Man by Mark Pryor
2015The Stranger by Harlan Coben