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    Replay by Ken Grimwood

A novel of gripping adventure, romance, and fascinating speculation on the nature of time, Replay asks the question: "What if you could live your life over again?

Year: 1986
Genre: Magical RealismTime Travel

    American Gods by Neil Gaiman

It is the story of Shadow--released from prison just days after his wife and best friend are killed in an accident--who gets recruited to be bodyguard, driver, and errand boy for the enigmatic trickster, Mr. Wednesday.

Year: 2001
Genre: Magical Realism



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-- -- --1982 Shoeless Joe   by W P Kinsella
-- -- --1986 Replay   by Ken Grimwood
-- -- --1996 Neverwhere   by Neil Gaiman
-- -- --2001 American Gods   by Neil Gaiman