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    Eye in the Sky by Philip K. Dick

When a routine tour of a particle accelerator goes awry, Jack Hamilton and the rest of his tour group find themselves in a world ruled by Old Testament morality, where the smallest infraction can bring about a plague of locusts. Escape from that world is not the end, though, as they plunge into a Communist dystopia and a world where everything is an enemy.

Year: 1957
Genre: Alternate RealityDystopian

    Time Out of Joint by Philip K. Dick

Ragle Gumm has a unique job: every day he wins a newspaper contest. He enjoys his life in a small town in 1959. At least, that's what he thinks. But then strange things start happening. He finds a phone book where all the numbers have been disconnected, and a magazine article about a famous starlet he's never heard of named Marilyn Monroe. When Ragle skips town to try to find the cause of these bizarre occurrences, his discovery could make him question everything he has ever known.

Year: 1959
Genre: Alternate Reality


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Eye in the Sky Philip K. Dick Alternate RealityDystopian
Time Out of Joint Philip K. Dick Alternate Reality