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The Six Gun Mystique Sequel
by John G. Cawelti

The Six-Gun Mystique Sequel is a revised and considerably expaned edition of The Six- Gun Mystique, a pioneering study of the Western as a popular genre. In this expanded version, Cawelti revises his analysis of the structural characteristics of the Western novel and film, synthesizing much of the rich discussions of the Western genre that has appeared since the original's publication. To this structural analysis he adds a new account of the genre's history and its relationship to the myths of the West which have played such an influential role in American history. The Six Gun Mystique Sequel concludes with an exploration of the continuing influence of Western themes and symbols on the many aspects of postmodern American culture, and an assessment of the critical tradition which has developed around the Western genre. The appendices of the book are also revised and expanded to include useful lists of the most important Western novels and films, as well as the best critical and historical studies of different aspects of the genre. About the Author: John G. Cawelti is a professor of English at the University of Kentucky. He is well known as a pioneering scholar of popular culture and had published many books and articles on popular genres as well as other aspects of American literature and culture.

Grimes... Outlaw!
by E. Hoffman Price

The Simon Bolivar Grimes Collection. Book One. In the tradition of Robert E. Howard's humorous western yarns come four tales of girl trouble and gun-slingin' justice straight from the pages of Spicy Western Stories. Hit the owlhoot trail as Simon Bolivar Grimes, a tazzle-headed youth from Georgia sets off for Crockett County Texas to aid his uncle and soon finds himself an outlaw.

A Gent From Bear Creek and Other Stories
by Robert E. Howard

This collection showcases Robert E. Howard's comic westerns.

The Tyrant
by Max Brand

François Limousin is a ruthless tyrant who berates his youngest son mercilessly at every turn. Yet Jean thrives in spite of him, honing his body and his mind until he excels at shooting, riding and surviving in the harsh wilderness. He even survives his brother’s tragic death, although he cannot escape the vice that caused it: gambling. Lured into a high-stakes card game, Jean finds himself on the losing end and must strike off on his own if he wishes to avoid the wrath of his father. Without money or friends, he heads west. But François Limousin has a long reach, and Jean has learned from the past that his father isn’t afraid to kill a son to uphold the family honor.