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Spicy Detective November 1940
by Spicy Detective

Featuring stories from the November 1940 issue of Spicy Detective featuring a Dan Turner Novelette from Robert Leslie Bellem.

Murder in Music: Extraordinary Cases of Jarnegan
by Cary Moran

Four spicy stories, originally published in Spicy Detective, from Cary Moran featuring hard boiled private eye Jarnegan

Spicy Detective April 1937
by Spicy Detective

Classic Old Time Radio, Pulp Fiction, Cliffhanger Serials, Old Movies and More at the Vintage Library. Click here for great pop culture from the early 20th Century!

Speed Detective Feb. 1943
by Speed Detective

Featuring the Dan Turner story THE DAME DIES TWICE by Robert Leslie Bellem. Somewhere in that crowd of more than a hundred extras, carpenters, juicers, technicians, and what not, Dan knows there is a man who was once hooked up with Rocky Caesar's Chicago mob. And that man is the man who killed Lyssa! But how is he to be found.