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Chronicler of Cross Plains #2
by Damon Sasser (Editor)

Classic Old Time Radio, Pulp Fiction, Cliffhanger Serials, Old Movies and More at the Vintage Library. Click here for great pop culture from the early 20th Century!

The Bloody Crown of Conan
by Robert E. Howard

In his hugely influential and tempestuous career, Robert E. Howard created the genre that came to be known as sword and sorcery–and brought to life one of fantasy’s boldest and most enduring figures: Conan the Cimmerian–reaver, slayer, barbarian, king.

REH: Two-Gun Raconteur # 8
by Damon Sasser (Editor)

The definitive Robert E. Howard fanzine continues with issue # 8. Contents include...

The Dark Man: Journel of Robert E. Howard Studies #7
by Seele Brennt Publications

1. The Robert E. Howard Collections found in the University of California at Berkeley’s Bancroft Library” by Edward Waterman. An extensive examination of this library's holdings of original manuscripts and ephemera. Included are reproductions of several postcards from Howard, a tentative collection contents page and letters regarding an unrealized reprint edition. 2. Bibliography of the Robert E. Howard Collections held at the University of California at Berkeley, Bancroft Library” by Glenn Lord. A supplement to the previous essay, this thorough bibliography notes publication histories as well as variations. 3. The Past is Dead, The Past is Deadly: Three Dragons in one Hour” by Steven Tompkins. An essay regarding Howard's infamous Conan story "The Hour of the Dragon", which was renamed as "Conan the Conqueror". 4. Fred Blosser’s critical review of the Del Rey Conan collection (The Coming of Conan The Cimmerian).