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The Spider # 70: The Spider and the Slaves of Hell
by Grant Stockbridge

From the July, 1939 issue of The Spider magazine comes another adventure from Norvel Page writing under the pen name of Grant Stockbridge. In a hushed room of his stronghold, Richard Wentworth watched over his beloved. Crippled, her healing limbs held by carefully adjusted pulleys, Nita van Sloan hovered between life and death. It was then that a man--an underworld denizen, bloodied, beaten and terrified burst in upon Wentworth's sanctuary. "You are doomed," was his warning. "The underworld has roused again. Even now the dynamiters bore under your home!" With a trumped-up charge of murder on his head, could Wentworth battle that new underworld master, single-handedly? For, where that master struck, death by explosion was instantaneous, frightful! Interior illustrations included.

The Spider # 06: The Citadel of Hell
by Grant Stockbridge

Manhattan faces starvation when a subversive syndicate takes the supply and demand theory to merciless new heights. Now Richard Wentworth must unmask the Food Destroyers - and escape the roaming mobs of hunger-crazed New Yorkers screaming "Lynch the Spider!"

Murder From The East
by Carroll John Daly

This is an out-and-out fast action thriller by an author whose previous yarns have raised the hair and chilled the spines of even the most blood thirsty mystery fans. Race Williams can shoot circles around any man you ever read about.

The Spider Strain and Other Stories
by Johnston McCulley

In "The Spider Strain," the supervillain's right-hand man, John Warwick, must steal a priceless necklace. This is his last assignment, for if he can finally satisfy the Spider, he will free himself from the criminal forever. With a rival gang after the necklace and the Spider's fate hanging in the balance, this may be Warwick's most dangerous assignment yet. A beautiful woman, a decades-old secret, and thieves running rampant at a high society party make for a brisk caper-story . . . and the culmination of the long-running Spider series! This volume also features a fine selection of other mystery tales from the pulps by Johnston McCulley, who remains most famous as the creator of Zorro.