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Replica: Operator 5: The Suicide Battalion July - Aug 1938
by Curtis Steele

From Canada, now prostrate under a tyrant rule, had come the threat that warned Operator 5. The three bandit nations of Europe were planning a monstrous, unprovoked invasion of this country -- and he must cross the sea with two hundred volunteer aides in a desperate undercover battle.

Operator 5: Libertys Suicide Legions
by Curtis Steele

In the far reaches of High Asia, the Purple Empire had set up its factories and smelters, to forge the most powerful weapon yet devised in military history. That weapon was a fleet of super-dreadnoughts equipped with a strange secret device to render our Defense Force helpless.... In this gripping novel of the historic Purple Invasion, giant guns ashore and turret magic at sea hurl death at America's crumbling bulwarks as intigue knifes the stout defenders.

Replica: Operator 5: The Day of the Damned Sept - Oct 1938
by Curtis Steele

In the hot hills of Old Mexico, Operator 5 launched his great counter-espionage campaign against a plotting Asiatic horde which threaten to loose the entire barbarous guerrilla Southwest upon America! I

Replica: Operator 5: When Hell Came to America Jan - Feb 1939
by Curtis Steele

One by one, the defenseless cities and towns of America vanished -- swept from the earth by an incredible weapon in the hands of Europe's most rabid dictator!