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Jack Benny Maestro 10 CDs
by Jack Benny

This seven hour set of 14 digitally remastered radio episodes finds Benny and his badly squeaking bow mangling the classics and infuriating the long-suffering Professor Andre LeBlanc (Mel Blanc).

Jack Benny Neighbors 8 CDs
by Jack Benny

Classic Old Time Radio, Pulp Fiction, Cliffhanger Serials, Old Movies and More at the Vintage Library. Click here for great pop culture from the early 20th Century!

The Feud: Jack Benny vs. Fred Allen (10 CDs)
by Jack Benny

Among radio comedy's most enduring features were its running gags - and few gags ran longer, or more hilariously, than the legendary feud between two of its great masters: Jack Benny and Fred Allen. For nearly twenty years the mere mention of Benny on an Allen program was guaranteed to produce an escalating laugh - just as bringing Allen up with Benny had listener in stitches at the mere anticipation of a response.

This digitally remastered collection brings together the classic episodes that started it all - from first time the pair shared a microphone (in a skit ripe with references to Benny's musical skill), to Stuart Canin's performance of "The Bee," to the showdown that was supposed to end it once and for all.

Join Jack, Fred, and their comical cohorts Portland Hoffa, Harry Von Zell, John Brown, Minerva Pious, Mary Livingstone, Kenny Baker, Don Wilson, Andy Devine, Phil Harris, and all the regulars from both Town Hall Tonight and The Jell-O Program.

Includes rare episodes, excerpts, and a Program Guide by radio historian Elizabeth McLeod.

EPISODES INCLUDE: Town Hall Tonight 02-26-36 (Excerpt); Town Hall Tonight 12-30-36; The Jell-O Program 01-03-37; The Jell-O Program 01-10-37; Town Hall Tonight 01-06-37; Town Hall Tonight 01-13-37 (Excerpt); Town Hall Tonight 01-20-37; The Jell-O Program 01-31-37; Town Hall Tonight 01-27-37 ( Excerpt); The Jell-O Program 02-07-37; Town Hall Tonight 02-03-37 (Excerpt); Town Hall Tonight 02-10-37; The Jell-O Program 02-14-37; The Jell-O Program 02-28-37; Town Hall Tonight 02-24-37; Town Hall Tonight 03-03-37 (Excerpt); The Jell-O Program 03-07-37; The Jell-O Program 03-14-37; Town Hall Tonight 12-22-37; The Fred Allen Show 12-18-40 (Excerpt)

The Aldrich Family

Laugh from beginning to end with the non-stop antics of Henry Aldrich, the teen-age sitcom star who entertained radio audiences for 13 seasons on The Aldrich Family. Played by Ezra Stone, Henry Aldrich somehow had a way to create chaos while his teenage troubles elicited laughter from audiences every week. Based on Clifford Goldsmith's Broadway play "What a Life," this teenage situation comedy ranks among the very best and the opening"Coming Mother" line became one of radio's most famous catchphrases. Enjoy this digitally restored and remastered laugh out loud Aldrich Family collection. From the School Picnic to the Henry the Shortstop, this collection features a hilarious teen who somehow has a knack for mayhem and the ability to bring smiles to the faces of those who listen in!