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Two for the Money
by Max Allan Collins

To wipe the slate clean with an old enemy, professional thief Nolan agrees to pull one last bank heist — but when he’s double-crossed, he’ll stop at nothing to get back what’s his. Fortunately, Nolan has a couple of things going for him: an uncanny knack for survival and an unmatched hunger for revenge... * New York Times bestselling author of ROAD TO PERDITION, basis of the acclaimed movie starring Tom Hanks and Paul Newman * TWO FOR THE MONEY includes two complete novels that tell a single epic story — published for the first time in a single volume. * Features a brand-new Afterword by the author * Noir Originals on Max Allan Collins’ Nolan series: "I’ve loved every single Nolan book...finding Nolan [is] like discovering a new kind of drug." Raves for the work of Max Allan Collins... "No one can twist you through a maze with as much intensity and suspense as Max Allan Collins." — Clive Cussler "One of the new masters of the genre." — Atlanta Journal Constitution "Collins breaks out a really good one, knocking over the hard-boiled competition (Parker and Leonard for sure, maybe even Puzo)...the book is unputdownable. Never done better." — Kirkus Reviews, starred review

McSweeney's Mamoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales

In the spirit of the pulp fiction era with plot driven, action based short stories, comes this excellent anthology of modern short fiction from an all-star list of authors. All new, never before seen, original stories by Stephen King, Michael Crichton, Elmore Leonard, Nick Hornby, Aimee Bender, Dave Eggers, Harlon Ellison, Neil Gaiman and more! Edited by Michael Chabon.

Grifter's Game
by Lawrence Block

Con man Joe Marlin was used to scoring easy cash off beautiful women. But that was before he met Mona Brassard and found himself facing the most dangerous con of his career, one that will leave him either a killer — or a corpse. GRIFTER’S GAME was originally published as MONA by Gold Medal in 1961. This is the book’s first publication under the author’s intended title.

Groucho Marx, Secret Agent
by Ron Goulart

In a romp made delightful in spite of spies, murders, and occasional dire peril, Ron Goulart uncannily resurrects the most garrulous Marx brother and his unique brand of patter. The Groucho Marx of these stories is the next best thing to the capering of the late comedian himself, and a happy gift to everyone who remembers him fondly as well as those meeting him for the first time.