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Operator 5: The Army of the Dead: Reprint
by Curtis Steele

Operator #5, America's Secret Service Ace, appeared in 48 novels in the classic pulp magazine bearing his name. From April 1934 to November 1939, Jimmy Chistopher fought villains from inside the United States and invaders from without. With World War II looming on the horizon, the Operator #5 books became a reflection of the times, showcasing American fears of technology and oppression. In The Army of the Dead, a would-be dictator with the power to resurrect the dead appears, leading a cult of fanatical followers in his quest to rule the world! One of the bloodiest pulps ever produced, the Operator #5 books have a well-deserved reputation for thrill-a-minute action and peril. If you like pulp fiction, you'll love Operator #5. ZOMBIES MARCHED . . . soulless storm troops of a sinister madman's plot. Freedom was in mortal peril, as was Jimmy Christopher, Operator 5 of the nation's spy service, battling the bloody tide that swirled on land and sea. Into Death's Temple Jimmy rushed headlong . . . where the archfiend awaited, eager to sacrifice him on the bloody altar of tyranny . . . and resurrect him as a mindless recruit in . . .

Uncanny Tales: April May 1939
by Uncanny Tales

Facsimile reprint from Adventure House of the April/May, 1939 issue of Uncanny Tales.

Replica: Operator 5: Invasion of the Crimson Death Cult: Sept. 1935
by Curtis Steele

Operator 5, ace of the American Secret Service, and his Secret Sentinels battles the INVASION OF THE CRIMSON DEATH CULT!

Blood Reign of the Dictator
by Curtis Steele

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