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A is for Alibi

READ THE SENSATIONAL BLOCKBUSTER THAT STARTED IT ALL! Take it from the top in bestselling author Sue Grafton's knockout thriller that introduced detective Kinsey Millhone--and a hot new attitude--to crime fiction...

Year: 1982
Genre: HardboiledMysteryPrivate Eye

B is for Burglar

Although business has been slow lately for P.I. Kinsey Millhone, she's reluctant to take on the case of locating Beverly Danziger's sister Elaine Boldt. With her reputation and career on the line, Kinsey risks all to find a missing woman and a killer who's waiting in the shadows to strike again...

Year: 1985
Genre: HardboiledPrivate Eye

C is for Corpse

How do you go about solving an attempted murder when the victim has lost a good part of his memory? Twenty-three-year-old Bobby Callahan is lucky to be alive after a car forced his Porsche over a bridge and into a canyon. The crash left Bobby with a clouded memory. But he can't shake the feeling it was no random accident and that he's still in danger...

Year: 1986
Genre: HardboiledPrivate Eye


SERIES: Kinsey Millhone

Year# TitleGenres & Tags

19821A is for AlibiHardboiledMysteryPrivate Eye
19852B is for BurglarHardboiledPrivate Eye
19863C is for CorpseHardboiledPrivate Eye
19874D is for DeadbeatHardboiledPrivate Eye
19885E is for EvidenceHardboiledPrivate Eye
19896F is for FugitiveCold CaseHardboiledPrivate Eye
19907G is for GumshoeHardboiledPrivate Eye
19918H is for HomicideHardboiledPrivate Eye
19929I is for InnocentHardboiledPrivate Eye
199310J is for JudgementHardboiledPrivate Eye
199411K is for KillerCold CaseHardboiledPrivate Eye
199512L is for LawlessHardboiledPrivate Eye
199613M is for MoneyHardboiledPrivate Eye
199814N is for NooseHardboiledPrivate Eye
199915O is for OutlawCold CaseHardboiledPrivate Eye
200116P is for PerilHardboiledMissing PersonPrivate Eye
200217Q is for QuarryCold CaseHardboiledPrivate Eye
200418R is for RicochetHardboiledPrivate Eye
200519S is for SilenceCold CaseHardboiledMissing PersonPrivate Eye
200720T is for TrespassHardboiledPrivate Eye
200921U is for UndertowCold CaseKidnappingPrivate Eye
201122V is for VengeancePrivate Eye
201323W is for WastedPrivate Eye
201524XPrivate EyeSerial Killer
201725Y is for YesterdayExtortionPrivate Eye
201326Kinsey and MePrivate Eye