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Science Fiction Serials

A Critical Filmography of the 31 Hard SF Cliffhangers; With an Appendix of the 37 Serials with Slight SF Content. Usually ignored or casually dismissed in genre histories are the serials, the low-budget chapterplays exhibited as Saturday matinee fare and targeted almost exclusively at children. Lacking stars and top-notch writers or directors, the serials went largely unnoticed and unacknowledged by either critics or by the film industry.

Genre: Cliffhanger Serials

The Flash Gordon Serials, 1936-1940

A Heavily Illustrated Guide. Arranged in a chapter-by-chapter format conforming to the structure of the three original serials, the work provides full cast and crew information, plot synopses, and production notes for all 40 episodes. The work also has a wealth of background information and 159 photographs, along with comments from cast members interviewed--Buster Crabbe, Jean Rogers, and Carroll Borland.

Genre: Cliffhanger Serials



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Science Fiction SerialsCliffhanger Serials


SERIES: Flash Gordon

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0The Flash Gordon Serials, 1936-1940Cliffhanger Serials
19370Flash Gordon: The Tyrant of MongoScience Fiction
19410Flash Gordon: The Fall of MingScience Fiction