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Philip Jose Farmer had a prolific writing career with over 60 novels and 100 short stories and novellas published. With the novella "The Lovers", Farmer received the Hugo Award for "most promising new writer" in 1953 and broke the taboo on sex in science fiction. His stories continued ground breaking work exploring sexual and religious themes in Science Fiction. He is most well known for his Riverworld, World of Tiers, and Wold Newtown series.

Named a Grand Master in 2001 by the Science Fiction Writers of America, he also won three Hugo Awards during his career: 1953 as the most promising new author, 1968 for the short story "Riders of the Purple Wage," and in 1972 for the novel To Your Scattered Bodies Go.

Featured Titles:

The World of Tiers

The Tiers series chronicles the adventures of both Robert Wolff, a man from our world transported through space-time to a cosmos with dimensions and laws different from our own, and Kickaha the Trickster (a.k.a. Paul J. Finnegan, also from our contemporary world). Mythological and legendary creatures and characters abound: centaurs and harpies, mermaids and Indians, aliens and beautiful women.

Year: 1965     Genre: Science Fiction

A Feast Unknown

The diaries of Lord Grandrith, the legendary Apeman, Lord of the Jungle and bastard son of Jack the Ripper. Blessed with unnatural long life, his power brings with it a gruesome side effect - one shared by his nemesis, the formidable Doc Caliban, Man of Bronze and Champion of Justice. But these two titans have more in common than they could ever have imagined. Who are the dark manipulators of their destiny?

Year: 1969     Genre: Fantasy


From award-winning author Philip Jose Farmer comes his most famous science fiction work: the first combined edition of the first two Riverworld novels, To Your Scattered Bodies Go and The Fabulous Riverboat.

Year: 1971     Genre: After LifeScience Fiction

Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life

Philip José Farmer, three-time Hugo award winner and Science Fiction Grand Master, has turned his superb research and narrative skills to one of the greatest heroes of our time: Doc Savage, the bronze champion of justice.

Year: 1973     Genre: on Pulp FictionPulp FictionSecret History


Only by being watched may you become free. It’s 3414 AD, the rise of the New Era, and Earth has become massively overpopulated. The worldwide government has recently implemented a system that allows human civilization to continue: Each person lives only one day a week. For the other six he or she is “stoned”—placed in suspended animation. To keep everyone to their particular day, the activities of all citizens of the Organic Commonwealth of Earth are closely monitored.

Year: 1985     Genre: Action & Adventure SFDystopianScience Fiction


Stand Alone Novels

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SERIES: Dayworld

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-- -- -- --19851DayworldAction & Adventure SFDystopianScience Fiction
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SERIES: Doc Savage

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-- -- -- --19730Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Lifeon Pulp FictionPulp FictionSecret History


SERIES: Riverworld

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SERIES: Wold Newton Universe

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-- -- -- --19730 The Other Log of Phileas Fogg
The Cosmic Truth Behind Jules Verne's Fiction
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-- -- -- --19691A Feast Unknown
Secrets of the Nine #1
-- -- -- --19703The Mad Goblin
Secrets of the Nine #3
-- -- -- --19730Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Lifeon Pulp FictionPulp FictionSecret History


SERIES: World of Tiers

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-- -- -- --19651The World of Tiers
Volume 1
Science Fiction
-- -- -- --19702The World of Tiers
Volume 2
Science Fiction