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City of Flaming Shadows

An entire city in darkness, . . . . stripped of its wealth and gold, as the flaming massacre of thousands shroud entire neighborhoods. Richard Wentworth must single-handedly save the life of the woman he loves, while, as the Spider, he must battle the flaming shadows of death, and squash the Tarantula's spree of terror.

Year: 1934
Genre: Hero Pulps


Serpent of Destruction

The SPIDER faces the most vicious collection of criminals and degenerate killers ever assembled under one dark banner! The Serpent of Destruction is a vicious criminal whose goal is to become a kingpin of the ever-growing drug trade. The Serpent has enlisted the vast army to forward his new slogan: "Make it Smart to be Dopey" and has even taken to packaging his drugs with trademarked names.

Year: 1934
Genre: Hero Pulps


Author, Journalist

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SERIES: The Spider

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-- -- -- --19344City of Flaming ShadowsHero Pulps
-- -- -- --19345Empire of DoomHero Pulps
-- -- -- --19347Serpent of Destruction Hero Pulps, Drug Lord
-- -- -- --19348The Mad HordeHero Pulps
-- -- -- --19349Satan's Death BlastHero Pulps
-- -- -- --193410Corpse CargoHero Pulps
-- -- -- --193411Prince of the Red LootersHero Pulps, The Fly
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-- -- -- --193413Builders of the Dark EmpireHero PulpsPulp Fiction
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-- -- -- --193415The Red Death RainHero Pulps
-- -- -- --193631The Cholera KingHero Pulps, Bio-Warfare, Quarantine
-- -- -- --193632Slaves of the DragonHero Pulps
-- -- -- --193633Legions of MadnessHero Pulps
-- -- -- --193634Laboratory of the DamnedHero Pulps