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Pop. 1280

Widely regarded as a classic of mid-20th century crime, Thompson offers up one of his best, in a tale of lust, murder, and betrayal in the Deep South.

Genre: Crime Fiction

The Getaway

The classic story of a bank robbery gone horribly wrong, where the smallest mistakes have catastrophic consequences, and shifting loyalties lead to betrayals and chaos. Thompson's novel set the bar for every heist story that followed--but as Thompson's proved time and again, nobody's ever done it better than the master.

Genre: Crime Fiction

The Killer Inside Me

Thompson goes where few novelists have dared to go, giving us a pitch-black glimpse into the mind of the American Serial Killer years before Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy, and Brett Easton Ellis's American Psycho, in the novel that will forever be known as the master performance of one of the greatest crime novelists of all time.

Genre: Crime Fiction



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A Swell-Looking BabeCrime Fiction
Pop. 1280Crime Fiction
The GetawayCrime Fiction , BANK ROBBERY
The GriftersCrime Fiction , CON MAN
The Killer Inside MeCrime Fiction , SERIAL KILLER
Wild TownCrime Fiction
1953Savage NightCrime Fiction , MAFIA