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Casino Royale

In the novel that introduced James Bond to the world, Ian Fleming's agent 007 is dispatched to a French casino in Royale-les-Eaux. His mission? Bankrupt a ruthless Russian agent who's been on a bad luck streak at the baccarat table.

Year: 1953
Genre: Espionage

Diamonds Are Forever

With a sparkling trail of smuggled gems as bait, Diamonds Are Forever leads Bond on a globe-hopping mission where deadly assassins lurk behind every corner.

Year: 1956
Genre: Espionage

From Russia with Love

Bursting with action and intrigue, From Russia with Love is one of the best-loved books in the Bond canon--an instant classic that set the standard for sophisticated literary spycraft for decades to come.

Year: 1957
Genre: Espionage

Dr. No

Dispatched by M to investigate the mysterious disappearance of MI6's Jamaica station chief, Bond was expecting a holiday in the sun. But when he discovers a deadly centipede placed in his hotel room, the vacation is over.

Year: 1958
Genre: Espionage


Auric Goldfinger is the richest man in England--though his wealth can't be found in banks. He's been hoarding vast stockpiles of his namesake metal, and it's attracted the suspicion of 007's superiors at MI6.

Year: 1959
Genre: Espionage

The Spy Who Loved Me

Still reeling in the wake of Operation Thunderball, Bond had planned for his jaunt through the Adirondacks to be a period of rest before his return to Europe. But that all changes when his tire goes flat in front of a certain motel...

Year: 1962
Genre: Espionage


SERIES: James Bond 007

Year# TitleGenres & Tags

19531Casino RoyaleEspionage
19542Live and Let DieEspionage
19564Diamonds Are ForeverEspionage
19575From Russia with LoveEspionage
19586Dr. NoEspionage
19608For Your Eyes OnlyEspionage
196210The Spy Who Loved MeEspionage
196311On Her Majesty's Secret ServiceEspionage, Bio-Warfare
196412You Only Live TwiceEspionage
196513Octopussy and the Living DaylightsEspionage