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Many readers may discover Eric Van Lustbader from his Jason Bourne novels but soon find the best selling Nicholas Linnear Ninja Cycle and the Jack McClure and Alli Carson series to be equally as exciting.

Although well known as a best selling author in the Spy Thriller genre, Mr. Lustbader's stories are no stranger to Sword and Sorcery, Epic Fantasy, Historical Fiction and Political Thrillers, while dabbling in a wide range of topics including the Supernatural, Secret Histories, Conspiracies, Ninjas, Ecological and Religious Apocalypse.

In 2020, the first in a new series arrived with The Nemesis Manifesto featuring Evan Ryder is a lone wolf, a field agent for a black-ops arm of the DOD, who has survived unspeakable tragedy and dedicated her life to protecting her country. The second installment in this series, The Kobalt Dossier is scheduled for June, 2021. Stay tuned!

With over 40 novels published, and more on their way, Mr. Lustbader's thrilling action stories need to be added to your wishlist.

Featured Titles:

The Sunset Warrior

Centuries after an ecological calamity turned the surface of the world to ice, mankind has retreated beneath the earth’s crust. In the contained environment of the Freehold, civilization reverts to feudalism and lords known as Saardin maintain their grip on power through the strength of their Bladesmen. Among these subterranean samurai is Ronin, an unaffiliated warrior who lives by his blade alone. When war threatens to engulf the Freehold, this wandering fighter will be called on to save mankind.

Year: 1977     Genre: Sword and PlanetSword and Sorcery

The Ninja

Raised in Japan by a British father and a Chinese mother, young Nicholas Linnear felt at home only in the dojo, where he gave himself over to mastering ninjutsu—the ancient art of the ninja. Over years of training, he ascended to the highest ranks imaginable—until a confrontation over the very meaning of ninjutsu changed his approach to martial arts forever, sending him on a journey that would take him across the globe.

Year: 1980     Genre: ActionVengeance


Jake Maroc, a top agent for the secret US government agency known as the Quarry, is a martial arts expert on a quest for vengeance. Nichiren, Jake's deadliest adversary, is a cold-blooded assassin with a deadly secret. And Shi Zilin is a Communist minister, a cunning survivor of turmoil. But only one can be the Jian: the ultimate master of strength and wisdom.

Year: 1986     Genre: EspionageSuspense

The Ring of Five Dragons

This astonishing first volume opens as the Kundalan people have suffered for a century under the viciously oppressive, technologically-superior V'ornn invaders. In the resulting crisis of faith -- why hasn't their goddess Miina saved them? -- Kundalan religion has fallen under the control of evil forces from within who forbid the teaching of traditional sorcery, pretending to have no magic of their own. The V'ornn's mysterious leaders, the Gyrgon, know better, and search for the lost Ring of Five Dragons, the key to the door of the fabled Kundalan Storehouse, and perhaps to Kundalan sorcery as well.

Year: 2001     Genre: Epic Fantasy

Robert Ludlum's the Bourne Legacy

Once, Jason Bourne was notorious in the clandestine world of covert-ops as one of the CIA's most expert international killers for hire. Out of the ashes of his violent past he's emerged today as a Georgetown professor, living a quiet life, retired from danger--until he narrowly escapes the bullet of a faceless assassin. And when two of Bourne's closest associates are murdered, Bourne knows that his legacy has followed him--and set him up as the prime suspect for the brutal crimes.

Year: 2004     Genre: ActionCIA

The Testament

For centuries, a hidden splinter sect of the Franciscans has guarded secrets that could transform the world. Now the safety of those secrets--and much more--depends on one man. Braverman "Bravo" Shaw always knew his father had secrets. For more than eight hundred years, the Order has preserved an ancient cache of documents that could shake Christianity to its foundations.

Year: 2006     Genre: ActionConspiracySecret History

First Daughter

Sometimes the weakness we fear most can become our greatest strength . . .

Year: 2008     Genre: KidnappingPolitical Thriller

The Nemesis Manifesto

Russian meddling, American fragmentation, and global politics collide in this action-packed, international thriller.

Year: 2020     Genre: ConspiracyEspionage



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-- -- --1977The Sunset Warrior Sunset Warrior Cycle
-- -- --1978Dai-San Sunset Warrior Cycle
-- -- --1978Shallows of Night Sunset Warrior Cycle
-- -- --1980Beneath an Opal Moon Sunset Warrior Cycle
-- -- --1980The Ninja Nicholas Linnear
-- -- --1984The Miko Nicholas Linnear
-- -- --1986Jian Jake Maroc
-- -- --1988Shan Jake Maroc
-- -- --1990White Ninja Nicholas Linnear
-- -- --1993The Kaisho Nicholas Linnear
-- -- --1994Floating City Nicholas Linnear
-- -- --1995Second Skin Nicholas Linnear
-- -- --1997Dragons on the Sea of Night Sunset Warrior Cycle
-- -- --2001The Ring of Five Dragons  The Pearl Saga
-- -- --2002The Veil of a Thousand Tears The Pearl Saga
-- -- --2004Mistress of the Pearl The Pearl Saga
-- -- --2004Robert Ludlum's the Bourne Legacy Jason Bourne
-- -- --2006The Testament The Testament Novels
-- -- --2007Robert Ludlum's the Bourne Betrayal Jason Bourne
-- -- --2008First Daughter Alli Carson, Jack McClure
-- -- --2008Robert Ludlum's the Bourne Sanction Jason Bourne
-- -- --2009Robert Ludlum's the Bourne Deception Jason Bourne
-- -- --2010Last Snow Alli Carson, Jack McClure
-- -- --2010Robert Ludlum's the Bourne Objective Jason Bourne
-- -- --2011Blood Trust Alli Carson, Jack McClure
-- -- --2011Robert Ludlum's the Bourne Dominion Jason Bourne
-- -- --2012Father Night Alli Carson, Jack McClure
-- -- --2012Robert Ludlum's the Bourne Imperative Jason Bourne
-- -- --2013Beloved Enemy Alli Carson, Jack McClure
-- -- --2013Robert Ludlum's the Bourne Retribution Jason Bourne
-- -- --2014Robert Ludlum's the Bourne Ascendancy Jason Bourne
-- -- --2014The Death and Life of Nicholas Linnear Nicholas Linnear, Short Stories
-- -- --2016Robert Ludlum's the Bourne Enigma Jason Bourne
-- -- --2016The Oligarch's Daughter Nicholas Linnear
-- -- --2017Robert Ludlum's the Bourne Initiative Jason Bourne
-- -- --2017The Fallen The Testament Novels
-- -- --2018Four Dominions The Testament Novels
-- -- --2019The Sum of All Shadows The Testament Novels
-- -- --2020The Nemesis Manifesto Evan Ryder