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A Coffin for Dimitrios

A chance encounter with a Turkish colonel leads Charles Latimer, the author of a handful of successful mysteries, into a world of sinister political and criminal maneuvers. At first merely curious to reconstruct the career of the notorious Dimitrios, whose body has been identified in an Istanbul morgue, Latimer soon finds himself caught up in a shadowy web of assassination, espionage, drugs, and treachery that spans the Balkans.

Year: 1939
Genre: AntiheroEspionage

The Light of Day

When Arthur Abdel Simpson finds himself blackmailed into driving a suspicious car across the Turkish border. Then, when he is caught again, this time by the police, he faces a choice: cooperate with the Turks and spy on his erstwhile colleagues or end up in one of Turkey's notorious prisons. The authorities suspect an attempted coup, but Harper and his gang of international jewel thieves have planned something both less sinister and much, much more audacious.

Year: 1964
Genre: ExtortionInternational CrimeJewel Thiefs



Year TitleGenres & Tags

1936The Dark FrontierEspionage
1938Cause for AlarmEspionageWWII:Preface
1938Epitaph for a SpyEspionageWWII:Preface
1939A Coffin for DimitriosAntiheroEspionage
1964The Light of DayExtortionInternational CrimeJewel Thiefs