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Get Shorty

Getting Leo becomes a movie pitch unfolding in a city where every move you make is a potential scene, and making it big isn't all that different from making your bones: You gotta know who to pitch, who to hit, and how to knock 'em dead.

Year: 1990     Genre: Crime Fiction

Rum Punch

When a blowsy blond blowhead and a none-too-bright ex con try to muscle in on the action, it's time to pull and old bait and switch--where the good guys are played off against the bad guys--and where Jackie and Max hope to walk off into the Florida sunset with a hot half million in cold cash.

Year: 1992     Genre: Crime Fiction

Out of Sight

World-class gentleman felon Jack Foley is busting out of Florida's Glades Prison when he runs head on into a shotgun-wielding Karen Sisco. Suddenly he's sharing a cramped car trunk with the classy, disarmed federal marshal and the chemistry is working overtime--and as soon as she escapes, he's already missing her. But there are bad men and a major score waiting for Jack in Motown. And the next time his path crosses Karen's, chances are she's going to be there for business, not pleasure.

Year: 1996     Genre: Crime Fiction


Stand Alone Novels

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-- -- -- --Elmore Leonard's 10 Rules of Writingby Elmore Leonardon Writing
-- -- -- --1961Hombreby Elmore LeonardWild West
-- -- -- --197452 Pickupby Elmore LeonardCrime FictionExtortion
-- -- -- --1987Banditsby Elmore LeonardCrime Fiction
-- -- -- --1992Rum Punchby Elmore LeonardCrime Fiction
-- -- -- --1996Out of Sightby Elmore LeonardCrime Fiction
-- -- -- --2002Fire in the Holeby Elmore LeonardCrime FictionDetective
-- -- -- --2009Road Dogsby Elmore LeonardCrime Fiction


SERIES: Chili Palmer

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-- -- -- --19901Get Shorty Crime Fiction, Hollywood
-- -- -- --19992Be Cool Crime Fiction


SERIES: Rayan Givens

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-- -- -- --19931Pronto Crime Fiction
-- -- -- --19952Riding the Rap Crime Fiction
-- -- -- --20123Raylan Crime FictionDetective


Short Story Collections

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-- -- -- --The Complete Western Stories of Elmore LeonardWild West