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Raise the Titanic!

The President's secret task force has developed an unprecedented defensive weapon that relies on an extremely rare radioactive element--and Dirk Pitt has followed a twisted trail to a secret cache of the substance. Now, racing against brutal storms, Soviet spies, and a ticking clock, Pitt begins his most thrilling mission--to raise from its watery grave the shipwreck of the century...

Year: 1976
Genre: ActionSea Stories

Inca Gold

Nearly five centuries ago a fleet of boats landed mysteriously on an island in an inland sea. There, an ancient Andean people hid a golden hoard greater than that of any pharaoh, then they and their treasure vanished into history--until now. In 1998, in the Andes Mountains of Peru, Dirk Pitt dives into an ancient sacrificial pool, saving two American archaeologists from certain drowning. But his death-defying rescue is only the beginning, as it draws the intrepid Pitt into a vortex of darkness and danger, c

Year: 1994
Genre: ActionTreasure Hunt

Atlantis Found

A group of anthropologists uncover strange inscriptions on the wall of a Colorado mine just as an explosion traps them deep within the earth. But their work won't stay buried long. Dirk Pitt is on hand during the blast and quick to initiate a rescue operation. He is then tapped to lead a research crew on behalf of the U.S. National Underwater and Marine Agency to further study these uncanny artifacts. And that's when his ship is set upon and nearly sunk by an impossibility--a vessel that should have died 56

Year: 1999
Genre: ActionAdventure


When Kurt Austin, the leader of a courageous National Underwater & Marine Agency exploration team, rescues beautiful marine archaeologist Nina Kirov off the coast of Morocco, he becomes the next target of Texas industrialist Don Halcon. A madman bent on carving a new nation out of the southwestern United States and Mexico, Halcon's scheme hinges on Nina's recent discovery involving Christopher Columbus.

Year: 1999
Genre: ActionAdventure

The Chase

In 1906, the western states of America suffer a string of bank robberies by a single man who then cold-bloodedly murders any and all witnesses, and vanishes without a trace. Fed up by the depredations of "The Butcher Bandit," the U.S. government brings in the best man it can find: a tall, lean, no-nonsense detective named Isaac Bell, who has caught thieves and killers from coast to coast.

Year: 2007
Genre: 1900sBank RobberySociopath


SERIES: Dirk Pitt

Year# TitleGenres & Tags

19831Pacific Vortex!ActionSea Stories
19732The Mediterranean CaperActionSea Stories
19753IcebergActionSea Stories
19764Raise the Titanic!ActionSea Stories
19785Vixen 03ActionTerrorist
19816Night Probe!ActionEspionage
19847Deep SixActionSea Stories
19889TreasureConspiracyTreasure Hunt
199412Inca GoldActionTreasure Hunt
199613Shock WaveActionTechnological Thriller
199714Flood TideActionTreasure Hunt
199915Atlantis FoundActionAdventure, Atlantis
200116Valhalla RisingActionTechnological Thriller
200317Trojan OdysseyActionAdventure


SERIES: Fargo Adventures

Year# TitleGenres & Tags

20091Spartan GoldTreasure Hunt
20102Lost EmpireAdventureTreasure Hunt
20113The KingdomAdventureMissing Person
20124The TombsArcheologyTreasure Hunt
20135The Mayan SecretsAdventureArcheology
20146The Eye of HeavenArcheology, Vikings
20157The Solomon CurseArcheologyTreasure Hunt
20168PirateAdventureTreasure Hunt
20179The Romanov RansomKidnappingTreasure Hunt
201810The Gray GhostAdventureStolen Goods
201911The OracleAdventureKidnappingTreasure Hunt
202012Wrath of PoseidonAdventureTreasure HuntWhats New


SERIES: Isaac Bell Adventures

Year# TitleGenres & Tags

20071The Chase1900sBank RobberySociopath
20092The Wrecker1900sPrivate Eye, Trains
20103The Spy1900sEspionagePrivate Eye
20114The Race1910s, Aviation
20125The Thief1910sKidnappingPrivate Eye
20136The Striker1900sPrivate EyeSabotage
20147The Bootlegger1920sPrivate Eye, Prohibition
20158The AssassinHistoricalPrivate Eye
20169The Gangster1900sOrganized Crime
201710The Cutthroat1910sSerial Killer
201911The Titanic Secret1910sActionAdventure, Mining
202012The Saboteurs1910sSabotageWhats New, Panama Canal



Year# TitleGenres & Tags

20002Blue GoldActionAdventure
20023Fire IceActionAdventure
20034White DeathActionAdventure
20045Lost CityActionAdventure
20056Polar ShiftActionAdventure
20077The NavigatorActionArcheology
20119Devil's GateActionAdventureEspionage
201210The StormActionTechnological Thriller, Nanotech
201311Zero HourTechnological Thriller
201412Ghost ShipAdventureTechnological Thriller
201513The Pharaoh's SecretActionAdventure
201714NighthawkActionTechnological Thriller
201815The Rising SeaEco-DisasterTechnological Thriller
201816Sea of GreedActionTechnological Thriller
202017Journey of the PharaohsConspiracyTreasure HuntWhats New


SERIES: Oregon Files

Year# TitleGenres & Tags

20031Golden BuddhaEspionage, Tibet
20042Sacred StoneActionTerrorist
20053Dark WatchSea Stories
20064Skeleton CoastActionAdventure
20085Plague ShipActionAdventure
20096CorsairActionMissing Person, Pirates
20107The Silent SeaActionAdventure
20118The JungleActionAdventureJungle Stories
20139MirageActionAdventure, Nikola Tesla
201611The Emperor's RevengeActionAdventure
201712Typhoon FuryActionAdventure
201813Shadow TyrantsTechnological Thriller
201914Final OptionEspionage
202015MarauderActionAdventureWhats New