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Childhood's End

The Overlords appeared suddenly over every city--intellectually, technologically, and militarily superior to humankind. Benevolent, they made few demands: unify earth, eliminate poverty, and end war. With little rebellion, humankind agreed, and a golden age began.

Year: 1953     Genre: Space Opera

2001 A Space Odyssey

An essential member of your crew is Hal, the electronic, almost-human brain that ceaselessly guides your course. On the Earth colonized Moon, deep in the crater Tycho, a discovery has been made that has shattered the human concept of the universe. You are journeying towards something. You do not know what it is. You only know it has been waiting for man to find it for four million years.

Year: 1968     Genre: Science FictionSpace Exploration

Rendezvous with Rama

By the year 2130, the solar system has been colonized, with humans living on planets ranging from Mercury to the moons of Neptune. Despite so much expansion and discovery, there have been no signs of intelligent life besides our own Earth-born. Until Rama.

Year: 1972     Genre: Alien Contact

Dec 16, 1917 -- Mar 19, 2008
Author, Inventor, Futurist

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-- -- --1953Childhood's End 
-- -- --19682001 A Space Odyssey A Space Odyssey
-- -- --1972Rendezvous with Rama Rama
-- -- --19822010: Odyssey Two A Space Odyssey
-- -- --1986The Songs of Distant Earth 
-- -- --19872061: Odyssey Three A Space Odyssey
-- -- --1989Rama II Rama
-- -- --1991The Garden of Rama Rama
-- -- --1993Rama Revealed Rama
-- -- --1993The Hammer of God 
-- -- --19973001 the Final Odyssey A Space Odyssey
-- -- --2001The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke Short Stories