Old Time Radio Mysteries

Escape Peril (10 CDs) by Escape

You're up against the wall with nowhere to turn…heart pounding, muscles tense, adrenaline pumping! There's no escape when you're listening to…Escape! Get set for twenty seat-of-your-pants excursions into the world of high adventure!

Rudyard Kipling, H. G. Wells, ... read more


Mysterious Traveler: Dark Destiny: 10 CDs by Mysterious Traveler

He takes the same train every week at this time, with tales to thrill you a little and chill you a little! Here's Maurice Tarplin as The Mysterious Traveler, your sardonic seatmate on the fast track to mystery!

Rushing you headlong into mistrust, misdeeds, and mu ... read more


Suspense Final Curtain: 10 Hours on 10 CDs by Suspense

Radio Spirits dares you to face fog-shrouded streets, escaped madmen, haunted houses, deadly creatures and curses. . . and the most horrifying thing of all. . . the heavy curtain descending on the final episode of Suspense.

In this exciting collection, re-live grea ... read more


Suspense: Wages of Sin: 10 Hours on 10 CDs by Suspense

Getting away with murder? Don't bet on it! Sometimes even the careful get caught. Sometimes revenge leads to regret. Sometimes we wade through dark thoughts and dark water, through evil and espionage to…Suspense!

Radio's Outstanding Theatre of Thrills dishes up a ... read more


The Shadow Bitter Fruit (9 CDs) by The Shadow

The weed of crime bears bitter fruit...and if criminals cultivate the crops, it is The Shadow will do the reaping!

Hear The Shadow fight crime, as he becomes both the stalker and the stalked, in an assortment of tales featuring some of his most exciting encounters wi ... read more


The Shadow Radio Treasures (9 CDs) by The Shadow

Radio listeners first heard the sinister laugh of The Shadow on July 31, 1930. This 80th anniversary treasury includes two never-before-released shows starring Orson Welles and Margot Stevenson - "Revenge on the Shadow" and "The Hospital Murders"- from previously lost transcri ... read more


The Shadow Silent Avenger (9 CDs) by The Shadow

A grim laugh in the night, a relentless avenger against the forces of evil. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? You know the answer. An invisible crime fighter was an idea tailor-made for an audio-only medium, where the listener's imagination formed the characters ... read more


The Shadow: Dead Men Tell (9 CDs) by The Shadow

Mystical matters, dastardly doctors, frightening families, spirits and schemes! These eighteen classic broadcasts will catapult you back to a time when the line between good and evil was stark…and spine-chilling.

Orson Welles, William Johnstone, and Bret Morrison ... read more


The Shadow: Evil Lurks (9 CDs) by The Shadow

Wealthy dilettante Lamont Cranston led a double life as a mysterious crime fighter. He dispatched his share of racketeers and kidnappers…but was at his fiercest when facing globe-threatening villains and insane masters of the occult. Orson Welles, Bill Johnstone, and Bre ... read more


The Shadow: Hearts of Evil (9 CDs) by The Shadow

Watch out, criminal masterminds! That martini-sipping playboy in the slick tux isn't who you think he is! He's not just Lamont Cranston, wealthy man about town -- he's The Shadow! He's the one who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men!

Orson Welles, Bill Joh ... read more