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Old Time Radio's Baby Snooks
starring Fanny Brice

Meet Ziegfield Follies superstar Fanny Brice in the hysterical role that endeared her to millions. Brice developed the little monster Baby Snooks from a party routine for a few close friends. Her devilish tricks and "Whyyyy, Daddy?" kept radio audiences in stitches for more than a decade.

Want to be bad? So did comedienne Fanny Brice, a child at heart, who plays the precocious Baby Snooks the trouble-making toddler. In each digitally restored and remastered episode, tormenting “Daddy” is Snooks favorite pastime.

Whether she’s keeping him awake in the middle of the night with her endless questions, or getting him in trouble with “Mommy,” she’s sure to get him to lose his temper. When the inevitable punishment is meted out, listeners can count on Snooks’ trademark innocent reply: “Whyyyy, Daddy…”