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Girasol Replicas

Long out of print, the Girasol Replicas as page for page reprints of classic pulp fiction magazines. These high quality replicas are in like new condition, still in the original plastic bags. We only have a few left, and will *NOT* be restocking these items. So, get them while they last.



Replica: Operator 5: The Suicide Battalion July - Aug 1938
From Canada, now prostrate under a tyrant rule, had come the threat that warned Operator 5. The three bandit nations of Europe were planning a monstrous, unprovoked invasion of this country -- and he must cross the sea with two hundred volunteer aides in a desperate undercover battle. ... read more


Replica: Operator 5: The Day of the Damned Sept - Oct 1938
In the hot hills of Old Mexico, Operator 5 launched his great counter-espionage campaign against a plotting Asiatic horde which threaten to loose the entire barbarous guerrilla Southwest upon America! I ... read more


Replica: Operator 5: When Hell Came to America Jan - Feb 1939
One by one, the defenseless cities and towns of America vanished -- swept from the earth by an incredible weapon in the hands of Europe's most rabid dictator! ... read more


Replica: Operator 5: The Dawn that Shook the World Nov-Dec 1938
Over the entire civilized world had broken the terrible, false dawn of anarchy and revolution that threatened to consume America in its fury! But Operator 5 and his volunteer aides saw one desperate chance to avert disaster. ... read more


Replica: Operator 5:Invasion From the Sky Mar - Apr 1939
From the clouds came the great enemy airships that laid waste eastern America with a new and terrible kind of inextinguishable fire. ... read more


Spicy Adventure Stories may 1936

Featuring "Bones of Pizarro" by Kenneth A. Nelson. "The secret of the remains of the dead conquistdor will bring bloodshed in its wake," the old man warned. And his prophecy had come true! Bob wasn't worried for himself, but for his lovely financee.

Plus stories ... read more


Spicy Adventure Stories Sept 1936

Featuring The Dragon of Kao Tsu by Sam Walser... She came from high society and she should have known she had no business associating with a gorilla like Wild Bill Clanton. However, the job she wanted done was plain burglary, and her code of honor wouldn't let her turn t ... read more


Replica: Operator 5: Invasion of the Crimson Death Cult: Sept. 1935

Kasma, baleful divinity from the wastes of Asia, had laid his blighting curse upon America. All who opposed him came to ghastly ends: amnesia, madness and screaming, agonizing death -- for the cult of Kasma enforced its dread dictate with a new, deadly weapon, unseen, un ... read more




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