Classic Pulp Fiction and the Great Storytellers that followed

Cheap pulp paper in the early 1900s lead to dime magazines for every conceivable niche and genre. Writers on deadlines for a penny a word, generated stories to capture the imaginations of Americans on a weekly or monthly basis for the next 30 years. Literary careers were launched, new genres of fiction were invented, styles emerged, and some of the most iconic characters were created.

The Pulps focused on Action, Action, Action! But influenced multiple generations of writers who have been creating action packed, iconic stories since.

The Vintage Library is a specialty bookstore curating a selection of hundreds of new, in print books that are from the Pulp Fiction era or direct descendants of the pulp fiction era. We have partnered with our friends at to handle the order processing and shipping, so that we can focus on presenting the best titles for your reading enjoyment.

But, much of the pulp fiction era and the great storytellers that followed are now out of print.

The Vintage Library Attic is our bookstore within a bookstore. That features out of print, rare pulps, pulp paperbacks, fanzines and collectables. Items from the Attic are ordered directly from this website and shipped by us, Vintage New Media. The Attic though is only open several times a year, each time for a few weeks at a time. This allows us to better server our customers and to search out and restock our shelves with more great, one of a kind items.

The Vintage Library has been a specialty online bookstore since 1996. Over the years we have continued to evolve and change with the times. The one consistent has been our focus on pulp fiction and the great storytellers that have followed. Enjoy!


Genre: Pulp Fiction

During the depression years and the uncertain times heading into World War II, America turned to fictional heroes for entertainment. The pulps provided a number heroes that each lasted over a decade and into the hunderds of issues.

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