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Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island

by Republic Pictures

In Republic Pictures' 14 chapter serial, Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island, rugged G-man Mala is sent to distant Clipper Island to investigatemysterious air disasters that have struck fear into the shareholders of Pacific Dirigible Airlines.

Accompanied by his faithful four-footed comrades, Rex the stallion and Buck the dog; as well as crusty Scotchman Hank McGlaurie and English novelist Anthony Tupper; Mala faces adversity and certain death as he races to uncover an international spy ring lead by the cloaked demon known only as H.K.

Mala discovers that H.K. directs his nefarious henchmen out of a secret base on Clipper Island. While investigating this perilous mystery, Mala is diverted by local jungle politics when Princess Melani is usurped by the evil priest, Porotu, who turns out to be in league with the omnisciently evil H.K. High adventure, angry volcano gods and the shocking surprise identity of master spy H.K. make Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island a magnificent serial adventure.> Black and White. 233 minutes.

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Format: DVD
First Published: 1936

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