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Pulp Fiction Audio Books


Audio Book: The Spider:The Man Who Ruled in Hell
by Grant Stockbridge

Who is The Red Hand? His face concealed by horrific burns, his scarlet glove studded with acid-squirting needles, he has accomplished the most audacious overthrow of order ever attempted. For The Red Hand has unionized the entire Underworld!

Audio Book: The Spider: Machine Guns Over the White House
by Grant Stockbridge

Summoned to the nation's capital by a cryptic warning, criminologist Richard Wentworth uncovers an insidious plot brewing to violently overthrow the United States of America!

Audio Book: The Spider: City of Flaming Shadows
by Grant Stockbridge

For 10 grim years, the Spider battled the underworld, imprinting his scarlet seal on the bodies of the criminals he slew. No one knew his name. His face was unknown. Pursued by the police, sought by the mob, the Master of Men crushed crime with a blazing intensity never witnessed before or since.

Audio Book: G-8 and His Battle Aces: Fangs of the Serpent
by Robert J. Hogan

One by one, the great Allied generals died or disappeared mysteriously. On the eve of the biggest drive of the war, the High Command was being decimated, their military secrets falling into the hands of the German enemy.